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TC140 Series

The Model TC140 is a Digital Temperature Controller which features an independent count-up timer. The controller uses a Type K thermocouple and is microprocessor controlled. The regulation temperature can be set in one degree increments within specified limits. Hysteresis, Offset and Fahrenheit or Celsius are selected via front panel switches. The HEAT ON light indicates output relay activation. Actual sensed temperature is normally shown on the digital display. The control has diagnostic messages for open probe and memory failure.


● Compact design
● Easy-to-read 4-digit LED display
● Time displays in hr./min.
● Temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
● Non-volatile storage of programmed parameters
● Watchdog timer ensures reliability
● 4-button, moisture-resistant keyboard using snap-action sealed switches
● Diagnostic messages for fault conditions
● Front panel keyboard programming of time and temperature
● HEAT ON indicator
● Accurate and durable thermocouple temperature sensing
● Convenient operating voltage ranges
● Heavy duty stainless steel front panel
● File #E104595