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About Us

Who We Are

Often the controls user-interface defines the personality of a product. NCC helps customers to update their product designs with the exact hardware, programming and graphics that their applications require.

  • Modular platforms for food service controls and electronic timers
  • Touchscreen graphic display controls
  • Custom electronic controls
  • Industrial process controls
  • Industrial air filtration controls
What Makes Us Better

NCC understand that engineering resources can be stretched by time-to-market pressures. That’s why it partners with its customers engineer-to-engineer, allowing software changes to be made quickly and expertly. In fact, NCC’s frequent customers consider it a part of their engineering teams. This is especially important for touchscreen displays that may need programmers with graphics design skills and NAFEM protocol expertise. For highly custom projects, NCC experts work closely with its customers. The NCC support team follows a gated process involving cross-functional teams, and, when needed, has available to it a full-service electronics lab that includes on-site testing, which helps speed prototype development. The results are a better user interfaces, shorter lead times, and more value for the customer’s investment.