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Core-10 and Expander-10 Dust Collector Controls

The flagship control module in the Dustronix™ line, the Core-10 controls 1 to 10 solenoid outputs. Additional outputs can be added easily with Expander-10 expansion boards. They can be used for sophisticated control of pulse cleaning and other functions in dust collection systems of virtually any size.

Models DNC-T2610-010 and 020 give users flexible control over dust collection, including solenoid ON/OFF time, number of cycle-down cycles, cycle-down time delay, run/standby, differential pressure setpoints and alarms, and up to 990 outputs. Simple one-button programming, status LEDs, and a clear 3-digit LCD display simplify setup and operation.

Key Features

  • Communicates via 2-wire CAN Bus network
  • Universal input voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
  • 10 outputs on-board, expands to 990 outputs (with expansion boards)
  • Solenoid current-sense speeds setup and monitors up to 2970 solenoids
  • LEDs give “at-a-glance” status indication
  • Settable to read 0-10, 0-15, and 0-25 inches of differential pressure