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Food Service Displays

Inspired by developments ranging from next-generation LCD timers to capacitive touchscreens, NCC products enable food service workers to quickly and easily control food preparation in today’s high-tech commercial kitchens. As a result, kitchens run more smoothly, more safely, and with fewer mistakes and less waste.

Configurable Displays for Commercial Kitchens

NCC food service controls can update the look and functionality of food service equipment. They are easily configured to an exact application. A wide range of sizes and features allow for integration flexibility, and they let the customer select the ideal set of features and functions.

NCC’s controls and timers are specifically designed for demanding food service environments. End users appreciate that the easy-to-read touchscreen displays are more durable and impact resistant compared to other competing controls.

NCC’s touchscreen technology is built on a common software platform, making it easier for users to create and change the display graphics and user interface.

Often applications require a unique or highly modified solution. NCC’s dedicated technical solutions team can help its customers to create a custom-tailored user interface to meet any specification.

  • Custom Controls

    NCC’s custom control solutions create LCD display screens that are full customized screens, icons, logos, and images, giving the customer's product a unique presentation.

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  • NCC Fryer Control 8
    Standard Controls

    These powerful controls can withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens, NCC helps its customers control and monitor critical food preparation tasks.

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  • Commercial Kitchen Timers

    NCC electronic timers provide commercial kitchens with a highly versatile solution, featuring field-programmable updates, multi-channel operation, dual language displays.

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