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DUSTRONIX™ Pressure Differential Meter

This affordable meter replaces most popular Delta P switches and gauges. The Model DNC-PS700-A10 measures differential pressure and displays values in both analog bargraph and digital displays. Programmable setpoints (high and low) for cleaning and alarms offer simple, reliable control over dust filter cleaning. The cleaning relay energizes when pressure exceeds the high setpoint, and de-energizes when pressure falls below the low setpoint.

Key Features

  • 51 element tri-color LED meter movement
  • Delta P control relay output
  • Delta P alarm relay output
  • 0-10 inch W.C. Delta P range
  • Sourced 4 to 20 mA Delta P output
  • 3-digit, 7-segment alpha-numeric display
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Universal input voltage