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Cooking Computers/Cooking and Holder Timers

For programming instructions and operation manuals refer to reference section and find your appropriate part number.

For T or C 9010, 9011, 9012, 9020 timers that lost programming and show in window “programs lost, reload” follow procedure to get into the program mode. At this time the unit should go into reload. If not, these timers can be forced into reload by pressing at the same time the last 4 operate buttons. When reload is complete, timer will be in program mode. Note that any times manually programmed into timer will need to be adjusted as this procedure reloads factory defaults.

For the T1810 timer, to reload default times or if lost, place switch in PROG position and press all 4 buttons at once and release. The Display should now show “RELOADING”. When done, the timer will show the current menu item. Place switch back in RUN or continue to program at this point.

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