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Temperature Indicators

For specifications, features, wiring diagrams, and general information refer to reference section.

For programming set points, low and high alarm set points for TM100 and TM165/166 products refer to specification sheet located in reference section under product part number. 

Q. I replaced my TNC-TM100-A10 with a new TNC-TM165-010 and I get a probe error, what is wrong?

A. The TNC-TM165-010 will not work with the probe from the TM100. A new probe needs to be ordered, part ASP-TM165-011 for a 6 foot, -012 for 20 foot, and -013 for a 60 foot probe. 

Q. Can I use the TM165/166 for high temperature applications?

A. No, the TM165/166 have a maximum set point of 50 degrees F and maximum temperature reading of 99 degrees F. The device is intended for use in freezer and refrigeration applications. 

Q. My TNC-TM100-A10 is flashing strange numbers, 272, 999, etc.

A. Sometimes the white high temp display button on right side develops cold solder joints or the switch requires cleaning. Check solder joints and clean switch with Deoxit or similar product. If problem still exists, unit has failed and needs to be replaced. 

Q. My TNC-TM100-A10 has failed, what is its replacement?

A. The TNC-TM165-010 will replace the TM100 in cold applications only. AMETEK NCC does not manufacture a replacement for “hot” applications. 

Q. What is the main difference between the TM165 and TM166?

A. Both units are electrically the same, the TM166 is sized to fit in a standard wall box for outlets or switches.

Q. My handheld thermometer and the TM165 do not display the same temperature.

A. First, make sure you are taking your reading as close to the TM165 probe as possible. Temperature will vary within the cooler or freezer. The TM165/166 has a + or – 10 degree offset. Refer to specification in resource area for adjusting this feature. 

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